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Session NumberPresentation Title
Microbiological Assessment of Produce and Post-Harvest Handling Methods on Small- and Medium-Sized Farms in the Mid-Atlantic Region
198-03Apples to Lettuce: Post-Harvest Technology Advances
017-01Efficacy of Natural Emulsifiers at Forming and Stabilizing Emulsions and Nanoemulsions
017-02Novel Beverage Emulsifiers
017-03 Removing Weighting Agents in Beverage Emulsions (Solutions for Process Efficiency, Clean Label, and Regulatory Compliance)
189-02  Whey Value Optimization Using Encapsulation Technology
189-03 Nanocomposite Materials for Dairy Processing
084-01    Hydrodynamic Pressure Technologies for Product Extraction and Structure Modification.
084-02 High Pressure Processing for Structure Modification of Food Components
084-03  The Use of High Frequency Ultrasound for Enhanced Recovery and Separation of Food Ingredients
084-04 Concentration of Liquid Foods by Forward Osmosis