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Session Number Presentation Title
154-01 Bacterial spores: Spore resistance and the Challenge of Spore Inactivation
Biophysical Mechanisms of Bacterial Spore Inactivation by High Pressure, Cool Plasma, and Chorine Dioxide
Non-Thermal Plasma – A Tailor Made Process for Endospore Inactivation on Food Surfaces
154-04 Bacterial Spore Inactivation by Ultra-High Pressure Homogenization
214-02    NASA, We Have a Challenge and it’s Food Packaging
087-02 Consumer Perceptions and Issues
080-01Changes to Nutrition Labeling: What to Prepare For and Next Steps
080-02Use of We Eat in American (WWEIA)/National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Data (NHANES) for Addressing Issues with Proposed Changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel
080-03 Effectively Communicating to Consumers Nutrition Facts Changes to Ensure Product Marketability  
036-02  Marketing Organic Foods: Recent Trends from Farms to Consumers
036-03 Expanded Market Access: Equivalency in Organic Regulatory Systems
036-04Trading Organic Products Under U.S. Organic Equivalency Agreements
222-02Improving Methods to Mass Produce Insects for Food
Low Crawling Fruit: Insects as the Clean Sustainable Protein of the Future
Use of Antimicrobials for Consumer-Friendly Labels and Microbial Safety
Natural Cures and Antimicrobials
The Clean Label Approach in Product Development of Further Processed Meats
Introduction to the GRASS Process and Issues Related to the Process
005-02The GRAS Exemption - FDA
005-03 Can FDA Ensure GRAS Substances are Safe for Their Intended Use
The Science that Supports GRAS Determinations
005-06  GRAS Revisited: Progress or Punishment
152-02Food Liking, Satiety and Mood During a 120-Day Mars Analog Mission
152-03 Mass Reduction: The Weighty Challenge for Exploration Space Flight
152-04Optimizing the Stability, Nutritional Quality, and Acceptability of Foods for Extreme Environments Through Novel Formulation, Processing, and Packaging Technologies
152-05Focus on Time Zero – New Processing Methods for Longer Shelf Life Space Food
156-01 Introducing Insects to the Market
Challenges in Development and Commercialization of Insect-Based Ingredients and Retail Products
156-05Insect-Based Food Technology and Entrepreneurship as an Alternative Science Career
152-01Food System Development for the Final Frontier: The Integrative Challenge