Emerging Trends

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What’s Coming? Emerging Trends
Session Number Presentation Title
040-02 FUSIONS: Food Waste Monitoring, Policy & Innovation in Europe
040-0 Industrial Experience in Sustainability
101-01 More with Less: Extracting Value from By-products in that Natural Food Ingredients Industry
101-02 How Dairy Companies are Reducing Food Waste by Innovation in Extended Shelf Life Processing and Packaging Technology
101-03 Food Waste in the United States: Innovating to Meet the Challenge
Pairing of Flavors
148-02 Strategy-based Design Brief Development from the Perspective of Food and Beverage Pairings
148-03 Giving the Wine Consumer What They Love:  Balancing Liking with Pairing
A View of Food Pairings through the Lens of Sensory Perception
192-01 Consumer Choice Behaviors: How Can/Should They Influence the Development Process
192-02 Working Within Today's Consumer Environment of Immediate Choice and Trade-Off Behaviors
192-03 Designing Products to Influence Moments of Choice: Building a Product with the Right Cues