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Session Number Presentation Title
017-01 Efficacy of Natural Emulsifiers at Forming and Stabilizing Emulsions and Nanoemulsions
017-02 Novel Beverage Emulsifiers
Removing Weighting Agents in Beverage Emulsions (Solutions for Process Efficiency, Clean Label, and Regulatory Compliance)
215-01 Perspectives from Juice HACCP Regulation – Applicability to High Pressure Processing
215-02 Validation of HPP Juice Products for Commercialization
215-03 Consideration Factors for the Validation of HPP Treated Juices
Session Number Presentation Title
Addressing Technical Challenges in the Development of Gluten-Free Bread and Other Foods
039-02 Functionality of Nutritional and Resistant Starches in Gluten-Free Breads
039-03 Comparison of Functionality of Non-Gluten Proteins in Gluten-Free Dough and Bread
039-04 A Study of Commonly-used Gum Systems in Gluten-Free Bread   
236-01 Functional Flours: The Next Wave for Grains
263-03 Pulse Flours in Low Moisture Foods
081-01 Amylase and Phospholipase Combination Improves Cake Desirable Attributes in Different Cake Systems
219-01 Food Products and Current Research on Barley and Oats in China
219-02 Research Updates on Beta-Glucan in Barley and Oats, Their Health Benefits and Bioactivity as Affected by Processing
219-03 Recent Developments in Processing Barley and Oats into Functional Ingredients
Session Number Presentation Title
Whey Value Optimization Using Encapsulation Technology
198-03 Nanocomposite Materials for Dairy Processing
 230-01 Power Ultrasound: An Innovative Approach to Tailoring the Functional Characteristics of Dairy Ingredients
Opportunities and Challenges in Pulsed Electric Field Processing of Dairy Products   
Applications of High Pressure Homogenization in Dairy
197-01 Understanding Functionality and Formulation Challenges in Processed and Imitation Cheese
197-02 Impact of Different Starches on the Structure and Functionality of Process and Imitation Cheese and Their Relevance to Cheese Texture
197-03Analog and Imitation Cheese Processing Equipment and Processing Issues
Session Number Presentation Title
093-01 The History of Dietary Fiber Methodology that Advanced Its Definition and Beneficial Physiological Effects
Comparison of AOAC 991.43 and AOAC 2009.01 ± a Second Amyloglucosidase Digestion of Low Molecular Weight Material on Fiber Claims for Rice Products
093-03 A Comparison of Codex Methods for the Analysis of Dietary Fiber
Session Number Presentation Title
223-03 Trans Fats Free Products that Meet Consumer Demand
235-01 The High Oleic Oil Landscape and Its Growing Presence in the U.S. Diet
235-03 High Oleic Landscape: Research Gaps Related to the Broad Scale Introduction of High Oleic Oilseeds Across the Food Industry
235-04 Current Status and Research Gaps Regarding Health Claims for High Oleic Oils
Session Number Presentation Title
157-02 Challenges in Detecting Infectious Foodborne Viruses in Produce
157-03 Contamination of Fresh Produce with Human Enteric Viruses
Session Number Presentation Title
Molds and Mycotoxins in Spices
015-02 Hot Topics for the Spice Industry: Microbiological Safety, Environmental Monitoring and Novel Processing for Microbial Control
015-03 Safety of Spices: Challenges and Opportunities
015-04 Regulatory Overview of Spice Safety
Session Number Presentation Title
257-01 Sugars in Food: History, Composition, Functionality and Availability
 257-02 State of the Science: Sugars Intake and Health