The Fennema Lectureship & Workshop

FDiane Ebert-Mayeaturing Dr. Diane Ebert-May

Join us on Sunday, June 22, from 10:30 - 11:15 a.m., to hear from Dr. Diane Ebert-May, Professor of Plant Biology at Michigan State University, as she shares with you her expertise and extensive research in student centered learning, and providing best practices for gaining better insights into how students learn in her presentation "Driving Instruction with Data."

During this workshop, you will learn more about developing and implementing learner-centered instructional materials, teaching strategies, and assessments in both small and large enrollment courses, as well as how to:

  • Use backward design to construct objectives, assessments, and instruction that are aligned and that promote learner-centered instruction
  • Create learning goals and assessments that enable students to demonstrate higher-level cognitive skills
  • Practice how to actively engage students in collaborate work and inquiry-based activities in all types of learning environments.
The Fennema Lectureship was created in memory of IFT Past President and renowned food science author and educator Owen Fennema, who passed away in 2012. The Fennema Lecture was intended to offer relevance to a broader audience, such as food scientists who have elements of teaching or instruction in their jobs and others who have an interest in the development and cultivation of future generations of food science professionals.

This lecturer honor is the cornerstone of the newly created Teaching & Learning SPA Program launched at our 2013 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo. IFT created this lectureship and award as a means to:
  • Recognize accomplished professionals who would not typically participate in IFT’s Scientific Program
  • Address teaching and learning related topics of interest to IFT’s multidisciplinary and global audience, especially food science educators in academia and industry
  • Highlight their experiences and/or research with applicability to the food industry
  • Share game changing/action oriented information relevant to food professionals