Scientific Program Speaker FAQ

Congratulations! You have been selected to speak in a Scientific Session at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Below, you will find high level details for presenting. As requested in the speaker invitation email you received, please provide your individual presentation title, description, and biography by February 26.  If you need your invitation resent, please contact

Power Point FAQ

How do I upload my PowerPoint presentation?
PowerPoint presentations need to be submitted through the IFT PowerPoint Upload Site. The IFT 2014 Presentation Management Website is now open to Presenters. Please upload your PowerPoint presentation by June 3, 2014. All Speakers and Moderators should have received an email with access instructions.

For access to the Presentation Management site after registration, please click here.

Does IFT have a PowerPoint template for the 2014 Scientific Program?
Yes, IFT provides a PowerPoint Presentation Template. We recommend, but do not require, use of this template. This brief tutorial slide show (ppt) shows how to apply IFT's PowerPoint template and provides tips on developing your presentation. When naming your file, please use this file naming convention: Presentation Final ID_First Name_Last Name_Room Location (Example: 200_TJ_Williams_283-284).

Can I include my company logo in my presentation?
Yes, You MAY include your company or organization logo in these slides. Please upload presentations by June 3 for moderator review.

Will IFT distribute my presentation?
During the invitation process IFT asks for permission to produce videotapes, CD-Roms and/or other electronic media of your presentation presented. If you agree to this question IFT will include your presentation in our Digital Library for access after the meeting. Your slides will be protected in a PDF format before distribution. 


Do I have to register for the IFT Annual Meeting?
Yes, all presenters must pay the appropriate IFT Member of Non-member registration fee. Registration  information will be available March 3, 2014. IFT does not register speakers – you must register yourself and secure your own housing.